5 Tips to Maintain a Good Credit History and Score

Tips to maintain a good credit score, credit score maintenanceCredit history and score needs to be maintained well in this competitive world where the need of money can come up any given day. Taking loans will require a respectable credit score and history. Following are some useful tips:

1. Bill payments play an important role in your credit score. On time payments will improve your credit score a great extent.
2. If you already have a loan under your belt, then its repayments should be done on time. If you can clear the loan without any defaults, it shows a positive credit history.
3. Stop spending money on things which are not necessity for you and your family. Making savings will benefit your credit score.
4. If you use a credit card, keep its balance as low as possible, and keep the payments clear all the time.
5. If your credit history is not a strong one, go for a small loan to start off with.

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