The Consequences of Getting a Divorce during Bankruptcy

Getting a Divorce during Bankruptcy, bankruptcyAs if filling for bankruptcy wasn’t enough, getting a divorce at the same time can be an experience no one wants to have. However it has been seen that bankruptcy and divorce go hand in hand. Here are a few rules and regulations that you need to know when you are filing for divorce during bankruptcy.

1) While the divorce court can take decisions regarding child support, alimony etc, it cannot take decisions regarding the split of property as long as the matter is in the Feudal court due to bankruptcy.

2) If you file for chapter 13 bankruptcy you are liable to pay off the debt that you own to you ex-spouse. This means that even though you are going for divorce, it is compulsory for you to pay your joint debts.

3) You are also liable to pay for child support and alimony as decided during the divorce and neither chapter 7 nor chapter 13 of filing for bankruptcy will free you of the obligation.

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